Chain of Importers & Exporters is the first private blockchain and the smart contract platform which enables safe trade for all actors of international business. It is the ultimate way that saves the participants from losing time while dealing with diplomacy and paper burden put giving free movement its real meaning.

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Current trading model
COIMEX TRADING MODEL Our dream. Our aim.
What will happen when we change the game?
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Banks and
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Importers Bank Exporters Bank SWIFT Procedure Letter of credit
Documents The Bill Of Lading Product Declaration Certificate Of Origin Accounting Papers Custom Registration Invoice
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Current trading

  • Banks
    Payment systems
    Importers Bank Exporters Bank SWIFT Procedure
  • Documents
    The Bill Of Lading Product Declaration Certificate Of Origin Accounting Papers Custom Registration Invoice
  • Trade terms
    And Conditions
    Protection Of
    Both Parties’ Rights

Coimex trading

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Coimex is the first decentralized international trading platform that embraces all the actors in the market and allows them to trade independent from any third party by Blockchain Technology being the infrastructure. This is the most secure, fast and free trading experience ever, without any loss of time and money.

Coimex trading environment

We are Coimex.
And this is the new era of trading.

International trade needs help.

The existing system serves the interests of the intermediary institutions and protect their existence in spite of the increased demand and complexity of the trade in general. Real actors though, are facing money and time casualties while their profitability is being exploited.

Merchants face four major issues

Document Transfer

The transfer of the obligated papers should be done with care.

Lack Of Trust

The trust lacked by both parties is mostly supplied by intermediaries.

High Commissions 

Paid in each step in return of attestation and insurance.

Unfair Market Conditions 

Privileged parties disrupt market integrity and eliminate new players.


Coimex solves them all.

Coimex project is here to solve current market problems while proposing the most secure and the fastest way of doing business. High level of trust without any dependance of intermediaries, maximum security eliminating risk factor and much more to give the real worth of the trade.

Smart Contracts and QR Code

Protection of the rights of both parties will be guaranteed by smart contracts. It will share the stipulated document with importers by QR Code once the payment is made successfully to the exporter party. Using QR codes prevents any storage necessity of that documentation, completely digitalizing the transaction.

Power of the Community

Blockchain serving as the most transparent data holding server, Coimex foundation will be sending performance forms to the participants for the objective evaluation of traders. Each trader will have scores for the perfect information of the market.

Reducing Costs

We remove the exorbitant costs that you have paid to intermediary institutions and banks. The mission of digitalizing the entire system prevents the shifting costs of the documentation.

Stable Crypto Coin: Tmex 

First coin specifically designed for traders, Tmex eliminates the risk of liquidity, fluctuating market conditions and the fear of holding crypto coin. The value of the Tmex will be determined according to the changes of gold, SDR, dollar and oil.


Built with blockchain technology at heart, Coimex makes us rethink the way international trading should be organized. Smart contracts support transparent business transactions for all involved parties, while decentralization makes it possible to change the logic behind data flow process and establish the new standards that seeks for the benefit of all the participants. Be among the first to learn the details and don’t miss your chance to participate.

Token Information

Coimex ( IMEX ) tokens are the means of investing on our project.

Unsold tokens will be burnt at the end of token sale.

Tokens for team will be frozen for a year and advisor board will be frozen for six months.

Token name:

Hard cap:

Soft cap:

Total token supply:

Tokens for sale:

Average price:


Burn policy:

Coimex ( IMEX )

18.4$ Million

1.84$ Million



0.09 USD



Token Distribution

Token Allocation


We grow together with the community

Ashraf A.R. Abu Issa

Doha / QATAR

Qatari Businessman, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and graduated from President Management Program / Harvard Business School. The Chairman of Abuissa Holding. He was awarded the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year for 2011.

Thomas Limberger

London / UK

President & CEO of SilverArrow Capital and graduated from President Management Program and Business Administration / Harvard Business School. When he was CEO of General Electric, he won the "World Young Leader" status and reached the highest recognition level.

Steven H. Hirth

New York City / USA

Founder & Principal of International Merchant Banking Boutique and graduated from President Management Program / Harvard Business School. Working in Vienna, Austria as the Director of International Client Acquisition and Marketing for the Private Banking Department at what is today Bank Austria.

Raj Patil

Washington D.C. / USA

CEO of AEEC and graduated from President Management Program and Business Administration / Harvard Business School. Responsible for AEEC's business operations, delivery excellence, innovation, business.

Prof. Dr. Uğur Çağlı


MBA from Middle East Technical University and Professor at Konya Food and Agriculture University. Academic and practical work in the area of marketing management and technology transfer.

Tansel Kaya

Istanbul / TURKEY

Managing Partner at The Mindstone and graduated from Computer Engineering / Boğaziçi University. 15 years of industry experience in software engineering, management and web based applications.

Alemşah Öztürk

Istanbul / TURKEY

CEO at 4129Grey, Strategic Advisor and Founder of Has a passion for all things digital.

August Ferdinand Möbius

Source of Inspiration

Meet the team

We grow together with the community

Selhattin Urfalı

Businessman, Entrepreneur. Founder & CEO at GTT Group and graduated from President Management Program / Harvard Business School, has 20+ years of experience in export field.

Abdul Moiz Mehta

Vice President of United Arab Bank and experienced in banking and corporate banking. Master's degree of Business Administration.

Serkan Dinçer
Operation Manager /
Foundation Coordinator

Serial Entrepreneur, blockchain researcher and graduated from Yildiz Technical University.

Ahmad Tariq Bhatti

Group Finance Manager at GTT Group. Accounting, auditing, financial and business professional with 13+ years of experience in all aspects of accounting and financial management.

Constantin Marek
Financial Analysis Specialist

Blockchain researcher, Senior Quantitative Analyst at HSBC and graduated from Master of Science (MSc), Random Modeling in Finance / Université Denis Diderot (Paris VII)

Samuel Houri
Data Scientist

Senior Data Scientist at Artefact and graduated from Computer Science, Information and Related Services / Centrale Lille.

Safa Urfalı
ICO Marketing Expert

Blockchain Researcher. Industrial Engineer and CEO at Urfalioglu Nuts Company, graduated from Beykent University.

Uğur Berke Uca
International Relations Specialist

Blockchain Researcher, graduated from Yildiz Technical University.

Anıl Karyağar

Adopted creativity. Graduated from Industrial Design/Bahcesehir University. 3+ years of experience in the field of design.


  • 2016


  • Q1.

    Coimex idea is born

  • 2017


  • Q1.

    The structure is evolved into a Blockchain based project by the increasing maturity of the market.

  • Q2.

    Team started negotiations with the trading chambers

  • Q3.

    First import & export foundations have been discussed and started being established

  • Q4.

    Coimex team started with the Blockchain developing and other technical parts of the project.

  • 2018


  • Q1.

    Advisory board has been expanded in number. More accurate technical structure, detailed project management, and operational planning.

  • Q2.

    ICO website is being coded in four dimensions: landing page, smart contract, Security and back-end support. Apart from crowdfunding, a brief introduction of the project will be displayed.

  • Q3.

    Private sale starts. Coimex Beta version is now being developed.

  • Q4.

    ICO process has launched. Crowdfunding will be held starting from October until December. Coimex starts operating in some of the pilot countries also with the foundations established. Starting from now, Tmex coin is generated and shared among the members of the community.

  • 2019


  • Q1.

    Sending application form to chambers to expand the area in which Coimex is able to perform its activities. Number of the meetings are increased as well as the urge to negotiate with the actors of trading.

  • Q2.

    Coimex Beta version has been testing in 5 countries. In this version authorities supplying documents directly via Blockchain without the need of any manual collection.

  • Q3.

    Completion of Coimex platform and the release.

  • Q4.

    Coimex foundation organizes first general assembly for preparing an action plan and to introduce members to the community. The characteristic of the foundation as well as the missions will be emphasized once more.

  • 2020


  • Q1.

    Lobby operations are held under the roof of Coimex foundation both for networking and education purposes.

  • Q2.

    20 countries are witnessing the accomplishment of Coimex trading platform with every feature successfully completing the commerce cycle.

  • Q3.

    The acceleration is expected to be 20 countries per quarter. The aim will be reaching out more people that can also contribute to the projects functioning.

  • Q4.

    That quarter, foundation bends over creating a positive movement of joining the community not only for the main actors but also the ones who support and develops trading environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Coimex?

Chain of Importers & Exporters (Coimex) is the private blockchain platform which enables safe trade for all actors of international business. It is the ultimate way that saves the participants from losing time while dealing with diplomacy and paper burden put by the monitoring parties in the international trade.

Coimex supplies the transparent rating system that is to display the most trusted traders among all the attendees by using the decentralised character of the Blockchain Technology. Moreover, Smart Contract infrastructure of Coimex will provide a secure transfer system for the exchange of money, documents and assets between the parties of foreign trade all around the globe.

The Blockchain Technology and Smart Contract infrastructures allow us to create an ecosystem impossible to intervene from outside, maximising the credibility of the Coimex users.

What is Token sale?

The Token Sale is a process of selling Coimex ( IMEX ) tokens created by the project team in order to raise funds for (among other issues) the project launch and development.

What is the website for Coimex token sale?

Are you going to be implying any bonuses?

Our bonus structure contains 4 awarding systems. We’ll be giving having an airdrop and bounty campaign. Also free tokens will be available outside of those campaigns.

User’s can also take advantage of the reference system and they are allowed to use affiliate materials. Large purchases will be also awarded with a percentage of the purchase.

Do you plan to conduct a bounty campaign during the Token sale?

Yes. Click on this link to learn more about Coimex’s bounty campaign.

How the Coimex tokens will be distributed?

The Coimex tokens distribution will be as follows:
12% Team
5% Advisory Board
2% Token Awareness & Sale
2%. Crypto-Currency Exchange
3% Bounty Campaigns
10% Foundation & Reserve
66% Token Holders

* Coimex tokens assigned to Crowdsale include bonus and referral tokens. Depending on the number of bonus tokens distributed during crowdsale, the amount of referral tokens will range from 4.37% to 5.46%. All tokens left after referral payouts will be allocated to motivational programs and will be used at The Coimex platform discretion.

** Coimex tokens assigned to the Company will be frozen by the obligated smart contract for a period of 1 year.

*** Coimex tokens assigned for Reserve will be frozen by the company’s contract for a period of 6 months. Reserve will be used to provide motivational rewards to Token holders to accelerate the ecosystem growth at the early stage of platform operation, and also to bring new mining opportunities for the ultimate profit making for token holders.

Where can I find Coimex’s legal policy?

The Coimex’s official documentation: ….

What is token sale timeline? Will it imply any bonuses?

Pre-ico will start on 25th of September 2018.

Token sale will start on 5th of November 2018 and end on 25th of December.

Our bonus structure contains 4 awarding systems. We’ll be giving having an airdrop and bounty campaign. Also free tokens will be available outside of those campaigns. User’s can also take advantage of the reference system and they are allowed to use affiliate materials. Large purchases will be also awarded with a percentage of the purchase.

How can i purchase the Coimex tokens? What payment method will be acceptable?

Our patented payment system is specially designed to offer the most efficient way of purchasing and using the Coimex tokens.

We will be accepting Bitcoin(BTC), Ethereum(ETH) and Litecoin(LTC).

Once you make the purchase tokens will be simultaneously transferred into your balance sheet way before the token distribution. Those who buys earlier will be awarded in the sense the tokens they hold can be used starting from the BETA version of the project.

Can I use fiat money for the Coimex token purchase?


We will accept Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin(BTC), Litecoin(LTC) tokens payment methods. You can use fiat money to buy ETH on Bittrex, Poloniex, Kraken, Bitfinex, Bitstamp or any other dedicated portal.

Should i pass KYC/AML procedure to participate in the Token sale?

Yes and no. Once you sign in to the token purchase system, you can instantly start buying tokens and benefiting from the current bonuses(reference, airdrop etc.).

For the security concerns, KYC/AML procedure will be applied whenever the users prefers to do so. However, it is a must for users to pass the verification if they want to withdraw their tokens.

Will you enable a whitelist?

Yes. Everyone who registers for the token sale will be whitelisted and have a guaranteed right to participate. Those users will be asked to complete their KYC procedure during their membership and once the verification is completed their right of purchasing will be also guaranteed. However, we reserve the right to stop whitelisting any time.

When will i receive my Coimex tokens?

You will receive your purchased tokens immediately, after transaction is complete. Those tokens will be visible in your balance sheet and available as soon as the mining system is revealed.

Referral program bonus tokens will be accrued within 30 days after the Token Sale is closed. The strict KYC / AML verification may be required in case the the signs of rules violation are shown.

Which Cryptocurrency wallet shall I use to participate Token sale?

In order to purchase Coimex tokens successfully you will need any ETH-wallet that supports ERC20 tokens. We recommend using MyEtherWallet.

DO NOT use the ETH-addresses received from Poloniex, Bittrex, Coinbase, Kraken, etc. These ETH-addresses are owned by the same-name service providers. Also they own private keys to your wallet and specify the type of tokens you can receive.

DO NOT send your funds before the start of Token Sale, they will be rejected.

Set the GAS limit to 200,000; GAS price at 60 Gwei.

The purchased Coimex tokens will be transferred to the account you have used during the period of tokens distribution and the amount will be displayed on balance sheet. You will receive your purchased tokens automatically, after transaction is completed.

Are there any ICO communication channels?

Twitter:/ imextoken

Instagram: /coimex

Github: /coimex

Telegram: /coimex

LinkedIn: /coimex


Medium: /@coimextr